Educational Qualifications:

1986 D.G.O. College of Bombay. Physicians and Surgeons.

1986 M.D. Bombay University.

This is a postgraduate degree in Gynecology, and is the equivalent of being Board Certified. Did further training in IVF at King's College Hospital, London, on the prestigious Mumbai University R D Sethna Scholarship As a medical student, I studied at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University.

Educational Distinctions, Honours, Prizes:

Secured a Rank in the Merit List in the Secondary School Certificate Examination in Maharashtra State, 1976.

Awarded a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Educational and Social Welfare, Govt of India, 1977

Secured a Rank in the Merit List in the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination in Maharashtra, 1978.

Awarded Open Merit Scholarship by the Maharashtra Board for 1976, 1977, 1978.

Secured Distinction in Human Anatomy in First M.B.,B.S. Exam, Bombay University, 1979.

Secured Distinction in Community Medicine in Second M.B.,B.S. Exam, Bombay University, 1981.

Won Second Prize in the Leprosy Essay Competition in Bombay, organised by the Ackworth Leprosy Society, 1982.

Won the Awabai Ratanshaw Dadabhoy Scholarship for standing first in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the College Competitive Examination, 1982.

Awarded the Dr Menino de Souza & Medical Welfare Trust Prize for the Best All-round Student of Seth G.S. Medical College, 1983.

Awarded the Ramabai Nowrungay Travelling Fellowship by the Bombay University in 1989, for further specialised training abroad in Gynecology.

Was a fellow at the IVF Dept of the King's College Hospital, London, UK

Have been invited to appear on a number of leading national and international TV channels , including BBC, CNN, CBS and ABC as an IVF expert Have been featured in many newspapers and magazines.

Started India's first support group for infertile couples, Infertility Friends.

Founded India's first and only free patient education library, HELP

Started India's first sperm bank in 1991; and achieved India's first pregnancy after PGD in 1999.

Authored 3 books, including How to Have a Baby, How to Get the Best Medical Care; and Successful Medical Practise.

Tries, Sighs, and Lullabies

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Secured a Rank in the Merit List in the Secondary School Certificate Examination in Maharashtra State, 1976.

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